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LED belt

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  • South Korea South Korea
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LED is used for not only lighting but also health care.

NASA developed LED device 30 years ago to maintain astronaut in deep space becuase their bone and muscle are getting weaker in zero gravity. After NASA study, many doctors and professors study it further and found out it also has many other health benefit such as pain reduction, skin care.... etc.


1. The distinguished points from competitor

• The first flexible LED belt (only LED device to wear on waist)

• LED life expectancy is more than 5 years.

• 10,000 times bending and rolling is OK. 


2. Benefits

• Fat breakdown

• Speed up metabolism

• Degenerative arthritis

• Relieve muscle pain / increase muscle mass

• Maintain Calcium  

• Stimulate blood circulation

• Treat inflammation

• Eliminate waste and poisonous

• Stimulate digestive functions

• Boost immunity


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